Adjacent to the machining floor, our quality control lab houses the majority of our inspection and gaging equipment. All gages are calibrated and certified to National Standards. Gage calibration is monitored and records maintained via computer workstation located in the quality control lab. Inspection equipment includes the following items:

  • 18" x 24" x 24" CMM
  • J&L optical comparator w/ "GeoCheck" geometric dimensioning digital readout and sensor probe,
  • NWA Quality Analyst Software for advanced statistical analysis and control of process variation,
  • Profilometer for measurement and analysis of surface finishes (parameters including Ra, Rz, RMax, etc.),
  • Sunnen Bore Gage System with Sunnen SetMaster system for accurate checking of inside diameters,
  • Misc. Digital Micrometers, Indicators, Etc

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